Banner Ad Pricing

Purchasing Guidelines

Before purchasing advertising space, we have some simple advertising rules you must comply with. Please ensure you understand our rules.

Relevant - Image ads must be relevant to our website. Ad images must be clear and recognisable, with legible text. We don't allow unclear, blurry or unrecognisable images to be used in ads.

Strobing and flashing - We do not allow strobing, flashing backgrounds or otherwise distracting ads.

Mimicking site content, news articles or text ads - We do not allow ads that mimic publisher content or layout or news articles and features.

You must ensure that your ads are appropriate. Ads and the content that they point to, must be "family safe". Any image ads and their associated websites or apps cannot contain "non-family" or "adult" content.

We want to ensure the enjoyment of everyone. Failure to adhere to these simple rules, will mean the adverts will be removed/blocked and your ad payments retained.

Next step: Select the Ad Zone you want your banner to appear (you'll know which zone, by going to the page you want to advertise on. If there is an advertising ref. number on that page, then you can advertise on that page. Make a note of the number and select that number from the Zone list above).

By continuing, you agree to these rules and also our Terms & Conditions found at the footer of the page.
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